custom ventriloquist figures|Howd'ya Figure
Howd'ya Figure makes custom and unique ventriloquist figures. Innovative 3 in 1 jaw/sneer/tongue lever, all around eye movement
				, fantastic paint and shading. User friendly control stick
This figure is loaded with features. All around eyes with eyelids that follow the up and down motion of the eyes
					 for a more dramatic effect while also preventig the iris from going beneath the lids. Thus giving more dramatic range

ventriloquist figures
With clients all over the world from Germany to Singapore, Australia to Kuwait.Howd'ya Figure has ground breaking unique controls that are very user friendly. A patented 3 in one sneer, jaw, and tongue control makes all mouth movements available and easy to use with one finger. Most ventriloquist figures from Dan Lavender come with a sneer and all around eyes and tongue STANDARD issue!