About the Artist
         Like most people involved in ventriloquism - either performing or figure making - I had an interest at an early age with several pullstring figures in my arsenal. Attempted my first figure at the age of 8. Slathered wood putty on foil which covered my Danny O'Days face. Needless to say this was not a very successful project and didn't give it another shot until I was about 11 years old. This time I used paper mache to cast Danny and ping pong ball eyes and even a spitter. Not too impressive either but a far cry better than my first attempt.

        Years pass, After graduating college with a BFA in Film/animation I made a couple short animated films while working as a mural print making giant cibachrome prints. Eventually decided to put my school learnin' to some use and interned at an educational software company animating in Macromind Director. High tailed it out of there to work for a game company in California. Animating mostly for sports games but a couple original titles. In my "free time" made little animated dittys for fun during those creative droughts of working on sports games. About 2001 I started making ventriloquist figures instead of those little animation projects. It wasn't until I got laid off and was dirt poor that I decided to put one on ebay to pay the rent. I had a better response than I had ever imagined so decided to go public with my figures. My first figure was also how I connected with Bill Nelson and began a partnerhip with him