refurbished ventriloquist figure
Original.Material is cracking and mechanics could be
better. Also adding new eyes and blinkers and a more
user friendly head stick

old jaw and new jaw

New castings and modern stick.Jaw area touched up
for a nicer looking arc at jaw lines so inside of jaw
sides don't show when jaw opens

Inside of head with jaw and winkers in place. Normally
the winkers are attached to the eye rig as part of the "smart lids"
feature (eyelids follow the up and down motion of the eyes)
but since this figure has pretty narrow eyes having the lids move
with them is not going to have much dynamic effect. Also, the
lids are 40mm ping pong ball shells and the eyes are much
smaller so attaching the lids to the eye rig will not only be more
of a chore but not give me the close fit I want with the lids filling
the eye opening

Tubes for the brow rods added. Careful not to interfere
with the blinker movement. Normally don't do this step till
after I do the eyes so I have more room to work .....but
I was bored and the eyes are still on order

Control stick. No sneer on this guy so will replace jaw
lever with a non sneering lever

head assembled

fleshtone base added. Now off to Bill Nelson
for final paint and varnish